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When my parents chose Nixa as the last place to move, I knew it would be a special place. I grew up, lived, graduated, worked, raised a family and lived and raised my family in this small town of 1,200 people they called home. In the last 35 years I have # ve grown up and graduated from the University of Missouri - St. Louis, Missouri State University and have lived in many different parts of the state, But I'm still not convinced that you can't find a better community to call their hometown "home town" than NIXa, especially if you're looking for a place to do business or for your family. In fact, it is right in the heart of the city, right on the Missouri River and just a few miles from downtown.

Nixa is proud to be the Springfield Master Bedroom Community and to demonstrate the high quality of life in the region. Whether it's a high school, college, or even a job in a local business, the city prides itself on what it wants to achieve, whether it's education, health care, jobs, housing, shopping, entertainment, or any other aspect of life. NIXa Public Schools are committed to preparing their students for their future. With an emphasis on joint - curriculum and after-school - activities, all our students maintain high GPA and achieve good results on the state's standardized test.

Nixa prides itself on being a master - a planned community in which the assets have implemented comprehensive strategic planning strategies and procedures to guide and facilitate the quality and growth of the community. The city will provide all interested residents with the possibility of collecting the remains, which have a variety of recycling methods, including farm waste. There is a demand for more recycling facilities such as recycling ovens, recycling stations and waste recycling plants.

If you need a headboard, table, sofa, recliner or couch, you can add a personal touch to your room. Finally, Nixa stores offer a wide range of products you might need for your home, such as furniture, appliances, clothing and accessories. Call or drop by to find out if you have any questions about the store, the products they carry, and the prices they charge.

Call us if you have any questions about the service on 417 - 724 - 0143 or contact one of our service consultants to arrange a service appointment. Our consultants also take the time to answer any questions you may have before, during or after service.

We start with a service consultant who spends time trying to understand what's wrong with your vehicle. Based on this information, we create a comprehensive service plan that provides a long-term solution to the problem, rather than placing a temporary band - help - on it.

We accept walks - in clients and provide weekend availability so you can visit at any time that works with your schedule. A variety of payment options allow you to pay for furniture and smartphones, saving you money and still giving you the flexibility to terminate the lease at this point.

Through honest and transparent advice, we also ensure that your vehicle receives the greatest care. If the vehicle needs repair or a shuttle service is required, please make sure that you are always looked after, even if it is just a small matter.

To ensure that our technicians are up to date in this ever-growing industry, we offer and introduce training opportunities. Whether it's an online course or a local seminar, you'll be dedicated to understanding the industry's newcomers to help you deal with any vehicle problems that might come into the store.

Our technicians use their long experience and the latest tools and components to ensure that your vehicle performs at its best before service. Our consultants will guide you through the services and explain why each service should be provided. This information is crucial and it is ultimately up to you how you proceed. Make sure you have all this information available so you can make the best decision for your vehicles.

We have a wide range of branded products that you can view online and in store, and we have everything you need, no matter where you live or whom you meet. When your vehicle is with us, you know it is in the hands of top technicians in Nixa, Missouri. As our inventory may vary depending on the location, please ask our store staff for specially ordered products.

Nixa Public Schools have been accredited with Distinction in Performance for 12 consecutive years by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. As noted in the city's slogan, "Neighbors committed to an exceptional quality of life," and presented on the city's website as one of the best places to live, work, play and retire in Missouri. Nixon's population has grown from a small town of 1200 to a current population of 19,022, the fastest growing city in Missouri, according to the US Census Bureau. It has grown from "small town" (1200) to "fastest growing" in Arkansas over the past 20 years (19,022), with a population growth rate of over 2.5% per year and a median household income of more than $65,000 per year. In addition to its reputation as a great shopping destination and great community, NIXa is also committed to creating a good place to work and live in and around the Ozarks.

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More About Nixa